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Seanol-P: New Deep Sea Anti-Oxidant Has $39 Million Dollars Of Science Behind It

The best selling supplement, Marine-D3, is quickly making the main ingredient called “Seanol-P very popular.

Seanol is new to the main stream media.

In the ORAC chart, which measures the anti-oxidant levels you can see that “Seanol” has an amazing 8,368 ORAC scale where the famous wine ingredient Resveratrol is only 791.

That’s pretty amazing. Why all Seanol is not the same Marine-D3 does not give you ordinary Seanol—it contains Seanol-P which is the only pure form (hence the “P) of Seanol; the exact kind used in the clinical trials.

The “P” form is 7.7 times more potent than the other form on the market, Seanol-F.

So you need less to get the same big benefits. (Be careful, unless a manufacturer lists the “P” after the Seanol, it’s not the pure form) The trouble is, Seanol-F is diluted with additives to help the Seanol get absorbed in your body—Seanol is extremely hard to absorb. So how is Marine-D3 able to give you the undiluted, pure form of Seanol-P without sacrificing absorption?

Because Marine-D3 includes absorption- enhancing Calamarine. Not only does Calamarine ensure that your body completely soaks in the Seanol, it gives extraordinary benefits on its own!