Is"Age Reversal"
Now Possible?

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Why marine species live for hundreds of years
and how you can steal their secret!

Meet Richard Linchitz, M.D.

dr_linchitz anti aging specialist

Nationally Recognized Medical
and Anti-Aging Expert


Richard Linchitz, M.D. has helped over 10,000 patients overcome pain, beat back chronic ailments and live longer, healthier lives. For more than 33 years he has dedicated his life to medicine, health, and patient care. He is currently the Founder and Director of renowned Linchitz Medical Wellness where he and his colleagues lead the way in integrative medicine and patient-centered health care, not sick care. Dr. Linchitz:

Graduated with honors from Cornell University Medical College and completed his residency at the famed University of California, San Francisco, Moffit Hospital.

Moved by the stories of those living with chronic pain, Dr. Linchitz founded the first and only nationally accredited, outpatient multi specialty pain program in New York, the renowned Pain Alleviation Center.

There for 22 years, he developed an integrated program of pain intervention based on lifestyle changes, rather than conventional solutions.

Dr. Linchitz serves on the Board of Directors for the International College of Integrative Medicine and American College for the Advancement in Medicine

Member and Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology; American Board of Anti-Aging; American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; International Oxidative Medicine Association; Society for Integrative Oncology and serves on the Medical Advisory Board for the International Organization of IPT Physicians.

He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, and the Sally Jessy Raphael Show.

Dr. Linchitz is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of top selling book, Life Without Pain A Tragedy Changed his Path…

A Tragedy Changed his Path…
An accomplished athlete, Dr. Richard Linchitz lived what he thought was a healthy lifestyle until tragedy struck. A diagnosis of lung cancer in 1998 (despite never having smoked) forever changed his life, career, and overall perspective on medicine. After receiving a bleak prognosis for survival, he sought to understand his disease from the inside out and to design his own path towards balanced wellness. He beat it and was determined to share the lessons learned from his own recovery. Dr. Linchitz became an expert in integrating conventional and alternative approaches to treat disease. This led him to develop a unique program and perspective of health based on prevention and natural remedies.


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Reversing "Old Age" is
No Longer A Crazy

Recent medical breakthroughs found under the sea show
that you can repair–even reverse–decades of aging in
nearly every part of your body!


Dear Friend,

Thanks to stunning discoveries found deep in remote parts of the ocean, you literally have the power to restore your health by decades…

This isn’t just my opinion as a physician who’s treated over 10,000 patients and studied anti-aging medicine for more than 30 years, a mountain of science PROVES IT!


Astounding ocean
discovery may actually

“turn back your clock!”

I want you to forget every depressing thing you’ve ever heard or believed about getting older. You simply don’t have to accept that you will “fall apart” with age! Whether you’re 50, 60, or well over 70 years old, you can feel young, strong, and possess a razor sharp mind!


Think living to 120 in great health is impossible? Not anymore!

There’s an astonishing new breakthrough from the deep sea that’s changing the very “facts of aging” … it has the ability to restore nearly every part of your body to a younger, stronger, and more rejuvenated state…making you virtually immune to the diseases of “old age!”

You’ll see through absolute scientific fact how it:

Lowers bad oxidized LDL cholesterol by over 29 points!

Improves blood flow by over 50% and revives damaged arteries!

Cuts your odds of dementia by
almost half!

Safeguards your eyes for lifelong
healthy vision!

Boosts energy levels by a staggering 71%!


And this is just the beginning! In the pages ahead you'll discover how
it can also help you with everything from reducing joint pain to improving sleep!

Deep Sea Secret Now Passed on to YOU!


People are shocked when I tell them that I’m a 63-year old grandfather! It’s not just luck or good genes that have kept me feeling—and hopefully looking—much younger than my years. In truth, good genes have very little to do with it.

Our bodies have the remarkable ability to beat back aging and the cursed diseases that come along with it. All you need to know is one simple secret... reef

Why scientists believe the ocean holds the master key to eternal youth… If you’re looking for the ultimate fountain of youth, you may not have to look further than the ocean!

Marine species are the longest-living of any species known to man.

They live hundreds, even thousands of years because they contain highly potent substances and have unique molecular structures. This is why they survive, adapt, and thrive in the harshest environmental conditions—including animal attack.

Researchers have discovered that their secret to near eternal youth comes from their extreme ability to protect and repair their own DNA. They also maintain high antioxidant levels throughout their lives so they constantly beat back free-radical damage and toxic invaders.

They’ve made themselves virtually immune to the ravages of aging… and so can you!


Scientists have now identified and learned how to extract these rare and potent anti-aging sea ingredients and apply them to human medical science.

Two extraordinary marine super nutrients have risen to the top:

An extremely rare seaweed extract (from Ecklonia Cava) proven 100 times more powerful than any land-based antioxidant. Over 15 years of research and nearly $40 million worth of clinical studies back it up. It’s the only FDA-approved Ecklonia Cava marine-algae extract in existenceCalamarine™: A deep-sea omega-3 discovery that blows away every fish oil in existence! It delivers an unheard of 85% more DHA omega-3s to your heart, brain, joints, and eyes! Scientists have discovered that the type of omega-3 it contains is the true miracle worker.



  For the first time ever, these two MARINE   SUPER NUTRIENTS have been combined   for you!

   It's never been done before, but I'm bringing you the first

   age-busting formula that combines Seanol and Calamarine.

   It's called Marine- D3. Why D3? Because it also includes a    superior form of vitamin D to give you even more intense    rejuvenation and repairing power.


With Marine-D3, turning back the clock is no longer some futuristic dream—it's a longevity breakthrough you can benefit from NOW! Its extreme rejuvenating power comes from joining three healing powerhouses! Each of these nutrients is tremendously effective on their own (as you’ll learn in the pages ahead), but when combined for the first time ever in Marine- D3, the synergy of all three delivers unprecedented anti aging and disease-fighting benefits! Together, they attack aging from every conceivable angle and restore health in nearly every system in your body!


 “You can  escape the  fate of ‘old  age’!”



Nowadays there’s a lot of anti-aging garbage out there — supplements that claim to turn back the clock, but do little more than drain your wallet. I’ve never seen the kind of hard scientific proof that has convinced me that beating “old age” is possible.


But Marine-D3 has changed everything! In 25 years of practicing medicine, I’ve never seen anything that gives you the kind of age reversing power and proven ability to beat back nearly every age-related health problem. You’ll see the proof laid out for you in the pages ahead.


The more you read, the more you’ll understand that illness and aging do NOT go hand in hand! By taking Marine-D3, you’ll give yourself everything you need – and nothing you don’t – to live a long, healthy life free from sickness and frailty. What’s more, anyone can afford it. For as little as 95 cents a day Marine-D3 is shockingly affordable.


Please read on and see how this marine discovery can help you escape the fate of “old age!”





Cava marine-algae extract
in existence.


The Real Triggers
of Disease and Aging…


We not only know that aging and the progression of disease can be slowed, but that so much of the damage can be halted and even undone. This is because scientists have finally zeroed in on the real reasons we age. And they now know why our bodies become so vulnerable to major killers like heart disease and cancer.




Here’s what’s really causing the destruction:

Cells that are poisoned by radicals and toxins. Every day our bodies and cells are under attack from free radicals and toxins from processed, high fat foods, pollution, everyday household chemicals, sun exposure, ozone, and even stress. This causes the DNA inside cells to break down and lose their ability to make sharp “carbon copies.” In a sense, our cells are slowly being poisoned to death, accelerating aging and disease.

Nutritionally-starved cells. Just like your body needs food to survive, your cells need nutrition to live. So when cells are not getting nutrients like life giving omega-3s or essential vitamin D, they are literally starving to death! They slowly shrink and then die off. This leaves you wide open to aging and disease.

Inflammation. While actually a result of the first two, mounting evidence points to inflammation as the most insidious cause of premature aging, and a factor in every major disease. When your body’s normal inflammatory response gets out of control (from cell damage and cell death), it constantly releases a wave of damaging enzymes throughout your body.




Learn how you can beat all three root cases

of aging by harnessing the power of the sea!

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They've made themselves virtually immune to the ravages of aging and so can you!




























































Introducing Your

Own Personal Health-Restoring Army!

Marine-D3 is like one large, mighty army that stops all enemy attacks…no matter where they come from or how fierce they are. It was specially developed to attack each cause of disease and aging head on…


STOPS Cell Poisoning: The only way to fight free-radicals and toxins is by neutralizing them with antioxidants. Marine-D3 floods your body

with up to 100 times more antioxidant power than any

land-based antioxidant! And it does something no other antioxidant can—it penetrates

and protects all three layers of your cells, including your vital DNA!


STOPS Cell Starvation: Marine-D3 feeds your cells what's now considered to be the most vital type of omega- 3 in existence, along with a superior life saving form of vitamin D.



STOPS Inflammation: Brimming with natural anti-inflammatories, Marine-D3's marine nutrients have been

proven to stop and control disease-causing inflammation all over your body… from your heart to your brain. Now let's see how Marine- D3 does all this and what it can do for you…


Are you one of the 75% of Americans
who don't get enough Vitamin D?

Here's Your Vitamin
D Wake-up Call!

Over whelming evidence shows the huge benefits of
taking Vitamin D…and the dangers of taking too little!


People who maintain HIGH levels of Vitamin D have: People with LOW levels of Vitamin D have:
•Less inflammation and slower aging. Vitamin D has been shown to stave off chronic inflammation linked to virtually every major disease.
•Higher risk of dying. Vitamin D has been shown to stave off chronic inflammation linked to virtually every major disease.
•Stronger immunity. A recent study at the Yale School of Medicine showed that people with higher vitamin D got sick about half as much. And if they did get sick, they recovered faster.
•High blood pressure. A long term study at Johns Hopkins showed people with inadequate vitamin D had 80% greater chance of narrowing of the arteries—a major risk factor for heart disease.
•Less cancer. High vitamin D levels are linked to a 30% - 50% lower chance of breast cancer; and 50% lower chance of colon cancer. Vitamin D actually regulates some genes responsible for cancer cell growth and survival.
•Chronic Pain. A study conducted in 2008 showed that 25% of people suffering with chronic pain had low levels of vitamin D. Migraines and headaches were also linked
•Higher colon cancer survival rate. Researchers found that colon cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D had a 39% lower chance of dying from this cancer.
•Osteoporosis. A deficiency of vitamin D makes people more vulnerable to this bone condition because it reduces calcium absorption.
•Reduced risk of Parkinson's and mental decline. Vitamin D has a protective effect on the brain. It enhances the activity of neurons and detoxifies cells.
•Mental decline and depression. People who don't get enough vitamin D are more susceptible to cognitive decline and low moods.

That's why Marine-D3 gives you a superior form of Vitamin D3

Combined with its two marine super nutrients,

no other formula gives you these kinds of age-defying health benefits!


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3 Keys




















































































In all my years as a physician and decades spent studying nutritional supplements, I've rarely seen such awesome health-restoring power come from one substance.


Seanol is up to 100 times more powerful than any antioxidant on land including vitamin C
vitamin E, blueberries, green tea, and red grape resveratrol!


I believe it's the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered. That's why Marine- D3 is chock full of Seanol in its purest form.


Its secret is its makeup of special polyphenol antioxidants that are a whopping 40% lipid (fat) soluble. So unlike nearly all land-based antioxidants that are water soluble, Seanol's protective compounds can get into things like the fatty tissues of your brain and penetrate all three layers of your cells, including the outside, the oil-based cell membranes, and your DNA.


This means it can provide incredible nourishment to nearly every cell throughout your body!


Keep in mind, land-based antioxidants like resveratrol from red grapes are grown in a controlled farm environment without exposure to weather, elements, or attack. They simply do not have the built-in defense systems or the potent chemical make-up of Seanol.


Works in your body over

50 TIMES LONGER than Resveratrol!

Seanol is also the longest lasting antioxidant—by a mile! The Seanol in Marine-D3 is clinically-proven to stay active in your body up to 12 full hours. This is tremendously important when it comes to fighting the increasing toxic overload in our world today.


Compare this to land–based antioxidants which are in your body for just 30 minutes before they're excreted through urine! Or the much touted antioxidant resveratrol from red grapes which actually degrades very quickly. In fact, resveratrol is estimated to stay in the body just 14 minutes!


So with Marine-D3 you get benefits that work OVER 50 TIMES LONGER in your body! But there's more to it. It also gives you…



Learn How YOU can beat
all three root causes of aging
by harnessing the power of the sea!


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New Omega-3 Discovery

Blows Away Fish Oil!

It's called Calamarine and it's unlike any fish oil or omega-3 supplement you've ever taken. In fact, it's NOT fish oil at all…


Extracted from deep-sea squid found in the pure, clean waters off South America, Calamarine is a purified omega- 3 oil.


As many people know these days, omega-3s are essential fatty acids you need to stay healthy and fight disease. The two most critical omega-3s are EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), found mostly in fish oil.


DHA is the real omega-3 miracle worker for your heart, brain, and eyes!


What's so special about Calamarine—and why I insisted it was in

Marine-D3–is that it delivers 85% more DHA than fish oil. And the NEWEST RESEARCH shows that DHA (not EPA) is the real omega-3 workhorse! The scientific evidence supporting the benefits of DHA over EPA is overwhelming.


It's proven better for your heart– especially for lowering blood

pressure and increasing circulation.


DHA does what no EPA can–it literally feeds your brain, boosts

mental function, and helps halt cognitive decline.


DHA, which is present in eyes, acts like a protective shield,

preserving sharp vision like nothing else can!


Is your fish oil really working?


Here's something most people don't know. Fish don't even produce omega-3 DHA. They get their small amount of DHA by eating algae or eating fish that eat algae. That's why there's so much more EPA in fish oil, while its DHA is downright skimpy.


But you can't ignore the proven benefits of taking a high-level DHA omega-3 supplement anymore! With Marine-D3 and its super-rich DHA Calamarine, you're covered!


It provides the perfect 2:1 ratio of DHA:EPA—the same ratio found in healthy people in areas like

Japan and Norway where seafood consumption is high. These people have amazingly healthy hearts and historically low death rates from cardiovascular disease. Experts attribute this to their high omega-3 intake.


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Abundant, clean, and pure… Without destroying sea life!


There's something else I love about the Calamarine in Marine-D3. It's kind to our planet.


Over-fishing of Krill and fish populations is upsetting our entire ecosystem. Not only is this medically and environmentally irresponsible, it's completely unnecessary!Fish Oil Secret


That's because the deep-sea squid harvested for Calamarine are wonderfully abundant and renewable—they multiply like crazy! Not one batch of Calamarine upsets the ocean's balance—there's no worry about over-fishing or destroying sea life. Calamarine is the most stable, sustainable source of omega-3 oils on earth and has even won the coveted Friends of the Sea Certification!


Plus—no fish oil compares to the purity and freshness of Calamarine. It's processed in a state-of-the-art facility in Norway which was built expressly for producing Calamarine. Here Calamarine is purified and molecularly distilled to ensure potency, freshness, and purity in every single batch.




Try Marine-D3 at the special
introductory offer and get


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How the Marine Miracle
Makes Your Heart

Act Younger!


Your heart is pumping strong …your blood is flowing freely, carrying revitalizing nutrients to every part of your body. You feel alive and fully charged! This is how a young, healthy heart behaves.


But when you're battling cholesterol, blood pressure, or circulation trouble, this just isn't possible. I'm about to make it a whole lot easier! Marine-D3 is like a rejuvenating shot of youth to your entire cardiovascular system! Just look at all the cardio benefits:


Stops the Real
Cholesterol Danger

You've probably heard that LDL is the "bad" cholesterol— but that's not quite true. The real culprit is not your LDL itself, but the oxidation (rancidity) of it. It's when free radicals get into

your body and oxidize the LDL that it becomes dangerous.


This oxidized, sticky LDL gunk gets into your blood, clumps together, and builds in


your artery walls. That's when you're at risk.


Did you know that even people with high cholesterol who maintain high levels of antioxidants have far less risk of heart trouble than people with low antioxidant levels? In fact, research shows that half of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol levels at the time of heart attack!


That's why doing something as simple as taking ultraantioxidant strength Marine-D3 can make such an amazing difference. Just look what it does for your cholesterol:


Lowers bad oxidized LDL cholesterol by 29.4 points! The Seanol in Marine-D3 was shown in an 8 week clinical study to do just that!
Prevents oxidation from clogging your arteries! The omega-rich Calamarine in Marine-D3 has been shown to prevent cholesterol oxidation in the first place.
Raises your good, protective HDL cholesterol! HDL helps usher that bad LDL out of your body. In an open label clinical study of Seanol, cardiac patients showed almost 10% improvement in their good HDL. Again, Marine-D3 has you covered!



Try Marine-D3 for under
$1 a day. Plus get up to
FREE shipping


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Flood your Body with Constant Deep-Sea Rejuvenating Power

And live longer &
stronger than you ever dreamed possible!

Get all these benefits simply
by taking your Marine-D3 every day!

 Lower the bad oxidized cholesterol and raise the good


 Tame blood pressure and revive     damaged arteries


 Rejuvenate sluggish circulation


 Protect and sharpen brain power


 Soothe joint pain and increase     flexibility


 Hike energy levels


 Improve sleep


 Safeguard eyes and promote  lifelong healthy vision


 Reduce body fat and increase lean muscle

Marine Miracle










Is it worth
95 cents a day?


That's it—under $1 a day is all it costs for you to take Marine-D3 and erase decades of aging from your body and enjoy a brand new lease on life!


You could spend hundreds of dollars a month on a dozen different nutrients… exercise till you're blue in the face…eat truck loads of fruits and veggies… and you still won't get the volume of health benefits of taking your Marine-D3 every day!


Remember, Marine-D3 is the only one that gives you PURE SEANOL combined with DHARICH CALAMARINE along with a PREMIUM VITAMIN D BOOSTER in every dose. All for as little as 95 cents a day…that's not only a great value, that's medicine at its best!


Order the Marine-D3 Ultimate

Age-Busting Pack today and:

GET five bottles plus TWO FREE BOTTLES! (that's just 95 cents a day!)






And receive an EXTRA FREE BONUS REPORT if you respond within 7 days!


Plus, there's NO-RISK because you're covere




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Blood Preasure
















Ace Your Next Blood Pressure Test!


Watching your numbers go up and down can be a scary ride. One month they're up, so you take more of this and eat less of that. They come down, but not enough…so here you go again.


I've been treating patients with this sort of problem for decades and there's one thing I know for sure. You don't have to turn your life upside down to get your blood pressure under control!


Marine- D3 works in a very different way than other natural treatments or complicated conventional regimens.


That's because Marine-D3 targets and helps correct the major triggers of elevated blood pressure.


The simplest blood pressure
advice you will ever get…


If you want to have healthy blood pressure, you have to have open, relaxed, and healthy arteries.


When arteries and blood vessels are stiff and narrow, your blood flow is restricted. This causes your blood pressure to go up and forces your heart to work harder. One reason your blood vessels get narrower is due to high levels of an enzyme produced in your body called ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme). ACE causes your blood vessels to constrict and get smaller.


Marine-D3 targets and helpscorrect the major triggers of
elevated blood pressure.


Try Marine-D3 for under
$1 a day. Plus get up to
3 FREE GIFTS and FREE shipping


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blood fat

The best natural ACE Inhibitor

comes from the ocean!


The great news is that Marine-D3 contains tremendous natural ACE inhibiting power

Research shows that the Seanol in Marine-D3 has over 15 times more power to inhibit ACE than the most powerful land-based polyphenols. And when ACE is suppressed, your blood vessels will dilate and expand better, lowering your blood pressure naturally.


But there's more to it.


Marine-D3 regenerates life-giving

cells inside your arteries


Marine-D3 also rejuvenates the endothelial cells that line all of your arteries, blood vessels, and capillaries.


This is a huge deal because when these cells aren't working like they should, it's a trigger for all sorts of problems, from heart disease to diabetes—even sexual dysfunction is common

if you have poorly functioning endothelial linings.


In a human study, the Seanol in Marine-D3 helped regenerate the actual cells of the endothelial lining and restored the flexibility of arteries.



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Cold feet and hands?
Recharge Your Circulation!

Pins and needles?


When your blood is too thick or your arteries too narrow, you may feel pins and needles, or cold, painful hands and feet. You may even get winded easily and feel tired for no reason.


These are the telltale signs that sluggish circulation is starving your heart, brain, and limbs from the oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood they need!


Here again, Marine-D3 comes to the rescue! Research shows that omega-3s (like the premium ones in Marine-D3's Calamarine) help to:


check markImprove and enhance overall circulation



check markNaturally reduce blood clots—known as "cell aggregation"



check markPromote normal blood thinning (but not too much, which is an issue with conventional medications)



Scientists also found that the Seanol in Marine-D3 lowers fibrinogen levels. A lower fibrinogen level means there's LESS INFLAMMATION in your body. Just this one effect alone can have fantastic effects on your circulation and heart! But what really blew me away is what it does for weak or damaged arteries…


Damaged Arteries

"Brought Back to Life"…

Blood Flow Improved by 50%!


In a clinical study, researchers looked at patients whose constricted, damaged arteries were restricting blood flow and causing heart troubles. After taking the Seanol in Marine-D3 for just 6 weeks, the researchers were stunned by the results. Blood flow increased by over 50%! I don't know of a single supplement—or safe conventional drug—that can do that!

Glowing skin






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A Gift from the Sea
to Your eyes...


You can't read the darned menu. You can't see those tiny directions on the pill bottle. Yes, it's the beginning of your life hunting for your reading glasses.


Most of us over 40 have all struggled to read small print. But the real trouble starts when aging takes a bigger toll on your vision…when the tissues and cells in your eyes start to erode from free-racial damage and begin starving from a lack of nutrients.


Alarming Fact: About 1.75 million Americans have advanced age-related associated vision loss— that number is expected to grow to almost 3 million by 2020! Often called AMD or ARMD, it's the leading cause of vision loss and blindness among Americans age 65 and older. I urge you to do everything macular degeneration with possible to protect your eyes! Marine-D3 is a virtual Godsend for aging eyes! It provides highly protective, essential nutrients directly to your macula, retina, and delicate nerves that feed your eyes.



A long term study showed that people with diets high in omega-3, notably DHA, had much greater protection from oxidative and degenerative processes within the retina of the eye. In fact, age-related
macular degeneration was reduced by 40% - 50%
! Marine-D3 provides high-level, premium quality omega-3 DHA.





red eye

High blood sugar causes a slew of health problems—one big worry is your eyes. There's an enzyme called aldose reductase which is plentiful in your eyes and nerves. The trouble is, this enzyme turns excess blood sugar into sorbitol. And sorbitol can build up in your eyes and nerve cells causing real damage.


But the Seanol in Marine- D3 inhibits these nasty enzymes, so you don't get the damaging sorbitol in your eyes or nerves. If you're at all at risk for blood sugar trouble, Marine- D3 is a virtual eye saver!



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RISK-FREE supply


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Have fatigue and poor sleep
crept up on you over the years?

Get a New Lease on Life!



Fatigue and sleep trouble literally feed off each other. And as we get older, both get worse. Here again, this is one of those things that people accept as a "normal" part of aging. But don't blame it on aging…


Your cells are in an energy crisis


All of the free-radical damage that's poisoning your cells is also destroying your mitochondria. And mitochondria are your cell's energy power producers.


Like mighty little engines, mitochondria convert nutrients into energy that ignite your cells so they can then fuel every system in your body. When they break down, your energy is siphoned off at the cellular level. And then the fatigue sets in.


So why can't you get a good

night's sleep?


Sleep also has a lot to do with your cells. Healthy, uninterrupted sleep requires that the cells in a certain region of your brain communicate with each other. But cells have to be healthy and firing to communicate. If your brain cell function has been compromised by free radicals and toxins; deep, sound sleep becomes nearly impossible.



But energy and good sleep are vital for mood, immunity, weight loss, sex drive, and even your ability to fight off disease and recover from illness. This is where Marine-D3 does some of its finest work. When researchers gave the Seanol in Marine-D3 to participants in an 8-week study, the results were dramatic*. It:


Boosted energy levels by 71%
Reduced fatigue by 56%
Cut the time it took to fall asleep by 47 minutes
Increased total nighttime sleep by 1.6 hours
Improved soundness of sleep by 80%



*Patients given the placebo showed no improvement.


why wait


LEVELS BY 71%! Request you
RISK-FREE supply


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Take a deep breath and relax…

You can lower your risk of cognitive decline



You keep misplacing things. Your mind wanders off when you're in the middle of a conversation. You walk in the room and forget why you came. Eventually you start to wonder if you're having "senior moments" or if something worse is happening.


Dementia (or as it used to be called "senility") is one of the greatest fears among Americans. Many folks fear it more than cancer! It's no wonder…


It can progress to the point where you can't do basic tasks like getting dressed or eating.

You may become unable to speak. In fact, dementia is the number one reason for placing elderly people in nursing homes. Up until recently, experts thought that losing your mental edge was a normal, unavoidable part of aging. And that the slide into dementia was something that couldn't be stopped…


It turns out they were WRONG.


Your brain is made up of loads of fatty tissues and billions of nerve cells. Both are highly vulnerable to

damaging free-radical build up and inflammation which directly cause mental decline and memory loss. The single best solution is to feed your brain heavy-duty antioxidants.

But it's not that simple.


Most antioxidants are water soluble and can't penetrate fatty tissue of the brain. But Marine- D3 provides 40% fat-soluble Seanol with 100 times more antioxidant power on top of that! So it gets right into your brain's fatty tissue and cells to smother the free radicals and calm the inflammation.


Plus, your brain's fatty tissue is naturally full of DHA. And research proves that your brain needs high amounts of DHA omega-3 to function properly and beat age-related mental decline. Marine-D3's high- DHA Calamarine delivers ultimate protection and nourishment!




But there's even more to it…


Marine-D3 improves your brain in

ways you never dreamed of!


Better memory and learning! Your brain's "memory neurotransmitter" is called acetylcholine (ACh). The Seanol in Marine-D3 was shown to increase ACh by 140% in the parts of your brain responsible for learning and memory…and it helped in only 7 days!
Increase blood flow to your brain! It's a fact: Improving blood flow and oxygen to your brain improves your memory and concentration. Researchers found that Seanol increases blood flow in the arteries that feed your brain. Another study showed it improved alertness.
Improve short term memory! Scientists at the National Institutes of Health studied Seanol in animals. They found that animals fed Seanol learned maze challenges faster. That shows improvement in short-term memory that's so vulnerable in cognitive decline.




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The Only Anti-Aging Supplement that also Fights Joint Pain!

As a physician (and someone who's battled pain myself) I can tell you, living with pain is no way to live. It wears you down physically, mentally, and emotionally. A constant throbbing knee or an endless aching back can wreck your quality of life. What's more, pain causes extreme stress and speeds up aging in every imaginable way. But trying to control it with something that causes even more harm is not the answer either.


A better way to unfreeze tight, aching joints


Marine-D3 is more than just an anti-aging powerhouse, it's an incredible natural

pain reliever! That's because it attacks a key cause of pain: INFLAMMATION.


You see, the omega-3 fatty acids in Marine-D3 contain super potent-antiinflammatory substances. It works due to the omega-3 DHA which turns

into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide smothers the inflammation that causes joint pain. What's more, omega-3 fatty acids also block the production of the enzyme that destroys

cartilage in people suffering with various types of arthritis.





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The Only Anti–Aging Supplement That Also Fights JOINT PAIN!

Pain won't go away? Get your

"5-LOX" under control.


At the same time, Marine- D3's super potent Seanol seaweed extract works on inflammation in a different way. Research shows that it reduces seven different inflammatory enzymes, including the key pain enzymes COX- 2 and 5-LOX. While COX-2 is more well known, studies show that 5-LOX can cause a lot more discomfort than COX-2. And just look at what

Marine-D3 does to 5-LOX!
































































"I've gotten a second chance, Now let me give you one."


It's not often we get a second chance. I did years ago when I beat a dire prognosis of lung cancer. Since then, I've been determined to share the lessons learned from my own recovery. And I know this with certainty…


Given the right natural weapons, your body can become an incredibly resilient, age-defying machine!


And that's what Marine-D3 is really about. A second chance to live an amazingly long, health-filled life free from sickness and suffering. It's your best natural weapon to fight decades of aging...to stop the very things that cause aging in the first place!


You don't need to become a "victim of old age" or watch your vitality slip away year after year. Instead, you can sail through the years with a strong, healthy body and sharp, focused mind!


The master key to longevity— from the sea to you


Remember, Marine-D3 is radically different because it harnesses the extreme repairing power of long-living marine species and passes


that life force on to you. For the first time ever, Marine-D3 combines Seanol and Calamarine, the two most powerful marine super-nutrients in existence, with life-saving vitamin D.


But even more important, Marine-D3 gives you real results! With every dose your heart will beat stronger, your joints will move better, you'll feel sharp and full of new energy. You will cut your risk of heart disease… you will slash your chances of dementia… and you will protect your vision for life!


No other formula does all this!


Try it with zero risk…It's 100% guaranteed!


The other amazing thing about Marine-D3: it's 100% guaranteed. It works or it's free. It's that simple. If you're not thrilled by your results for any reason, at any time, you'll receive every penny back (less shipping, if any).


This is your second chance. Please take it with my best wishes for a long, healthy life!



Yours in good health


Richard Linchitz, MD

























































































































































































































































































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